“UNIVERSAL Remedy” for Almost All Disorders and Diseases including Thyroid, Diabetes and Cancer

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There is no doubt that medical science has experienced fast progress in the last few decades.

Medical experts have come to many important breakthroughs and discoveries, but the fact is that for some reason certain compounds are not analyzed thoroughly or they are stigmatized without any apparent reason. One of these helpful elements is iodine.

According to many experts, it is the right time to rebuild medicine and when they say medicine they refer to both conventional and alternative medicine and all their branches. We are all aware that most of the world’s population is suffering from serious health issues despite the progress in medicine. People around the world are being poisoned by dangerous chemicals that come from the products they use and the environment and these chemicals are accumulated in their cells and bloodstream ultimately leading to mental, physical and emotional destruction.

Many people agree that our health is directly affected by the food we consume and that there are many elements that can help us reverse this situation. One of these elements is iodine. Obviously, we can get involved in long discussions about the right dosage of iodine that we should use, but we will soon agree that the main point is that this compound is necessary for the proper work and functioning of thyroid gland, breasts, ovaries and prostate.

Of course, these are only some of the reasons why we should pay more attention on this element in this time of constant exposure to pollutants. The truth is that we all need more iodine, not less iodine as some people suggest because this compound has proven to be very efficient when it comes to elimination of the effects of certain chemicals like bromide and fluoride and it also helps people who want to get rid of lead and mercury to some extent.

In the past, iodine was perceived as a very important element. As a matter of fact, iodine was so important that until 30 years ago, manufacturers have added iodine in the bread as an addition. Today, iodine can be found in very small amounts in some types of salt, but many people forget one important factor when they check the quantity of iodine in some product – evaporation. So, in case you believe that the salt enriched with iodine that you have just bought is good for you, you are probably right but the amount of iodine will drop with every passing day.

Iodine has powerful antiseptic properties utilized in the process of sterilization of any surface or material in healthcare facilities. This element also has strong antimicrobial properties that provide positive effects against viruses, bacteria, fungus and other harmful microorganisms. The smallest number of iodine molecules required to eliminate one bacterium depends on the type of bacteria. For instance, in order to destroy H. influenzae you will need more than 14.000 iodine molecules for one cell.

Even though iodine has the ability to eliminate cell bodies like these ones, modern physicians have never tested iodine completely for internal infections which is obviously a mistake. According to Dr. David Derry, iodine is very effective against typical pathogens like staphylococcus, but it can also act in other cases. The best part is that it doesn’t develop resistance to bacteria and doesn’t lead to any side effects. Some experts claim that it provides great results in the treatment of mononucleosis.

Iodine and The Thyroid

As previously mentioned, iodine is a very important ingredient that supports the process of synthesis of thyroid gland hormones which is here for two things – it increases the consumption of oxygen and synthesis of proteins in every cell in the body. The thyroid gland needs iodine to create T3 and T4 hormones that control metabolism, manage growth and development. Both T4 and T3 encourage and maintain proper heart rhythm, bodily temperature and blood pressure.

Despite the fact that modern medicine depends on specially designed hormonal tests, it appears that the body temperature can be determined much more precisely while determining the functions of thyroid gland. In the last few decades, scientists have discovered that 9 out of 10 individuals have body temperature that is slightly under the normal temperature (37 C). Body temperature should represent the simplest measurement of basal metabolism or the key function of thyroid gland.

The hormones from the thyroid gland are vital for our life because they regulate and support some very important biochemical processes and reactions especially the synthesis of protein and functioning of enzymes aiming vital organs like brain in the phase of development, heart, muscles, kidneys and pituitary gland. In other words, iodine is vital for the proper development of fetus.

Iodine intake is one of the main means in the battle against side effects caused by thyroid gland drugs because in the long run the use of these pharmaceutical medications is linked to reduction of iodine levels in this body part and increased chances of developing cancer.

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Every patient that is dealing with thyroid problems should take iodine treatment. It represents a very nutritious ingredient that has a wide range of beneficial effects for the human body and till mid-20th century, iodine was used as an all-round cure by many physicians. In the first half of the 20th century it was especially popular as a remedy in cases of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism and a few other health issues and the effects were great.

As a matter of fact, many experts have considered iodine to be a panacea or a universal remedy for every kind of disease. Dr. Albert Szent Gyorgi, a famous Nobel Prize winner who discovered vitamin C once said that while he was studying, iodine in the form of potassium iodine was used as a universal remedy. No one was exactly sure how it works, but this element has actually provided results. We now know exactly what iodine can do, yet modern medicine refuses to rely on iodine and lets many people suffer and use pharmaceutical drugs with strong side effects.

Cysts that occur on the ovaries, breast and skin can be effectively eliminated with the help of iodine. This element has amazingly strong healing effects in cases of ovarian cysts. According to Dr. Robert Rowen, many people are unaware that swollen ovaries are actually a type of goiter an occurrence related to thyroid gland’s reaction to lack of iodine in the system. Goiter often leads to hormonal misbalance which ultimately results in hypothyroidism.

When it comes to polycystic ovarian syndrome, starvation of ovaries leads to formation of cyst, swelling and over some period of time, women can’t manage the synthesis of hormones which leads to infertility and misbalance. Scientists who were doing research on fibrocystic breast disease found that major deficiency of iodine can lead to increased number of cysts in the ovaries. Even back in the 1920s, experts knew that concentration of iodine in the ovaries is greater than in any other organ except thyroid gland.

Lack of iodine is a significant reproductive risk which contributes to infertility and hypothyroidism. On the other hand, hypothyroidism leads to anovulation, gestational high blood pressure and infertility. A tissue that comes with adequate amount of iodine aids estrogen and redirects this hormone to the body parts that support proper activity of female hormones. The majority of doctors believe that the thyroid gland needs iodine to function properly and that’s it.

Iodine Dosages and Supplements

Iodine has germicide properties too with a wide range of use and low level of toxicity for the tissues. Powerful iodine solutions like Lugol’s solution come with about 5% of iodine and 10% of potassium iodine in liquid solution.

According to Dr. David Derry, Lugol’s Solution is a type of iodine-based solution that is used for more than two centuries for medical purposes. One drop of this solution poured in water, milk or orange juice is able to stop the first stage of development of almost any type of cancer as well as fibrocystic health issues with the breasts in a way that will prevent the occurrence of new tumors.

Additionally, such mixture will destroy abnormal cells that flow freely in the body in the areas away from the place where cancer occurred in the first place. This is something that will prevent expansion of cancer. Increased iodine intake is recommended in cases of inflammatory breast cancer. It was proven that even large intravenous doses are harmless which is why researchers should analyze the effects of such practice on cancer growth as soon as possible.

A research led by Dr. Browstein has confirmed that increased doses of iodine lead to shrinking of ovarian cysts and after a while these cysts disappear. He has also concluded that iodine increases libido in women and men. It takes about 30 times more iodine to handle breast cancer and fibrocystic disease compared to the amount needed to prevent goiter. The recommended daily dose, also known as RDA, of iodine is not sufficient to keep our thyroid gland from spreading in the same way as RDA of vitamin C today is barely sufficient to prevent the occurrence of scurvy, but it is not sufficient to block the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases that appear before scurvy.

Dr. Guy Abraham says that he has recommended a therapy with 50 mg of iodine on a daily basis for 6 months for an 80-year-old patient. The patients witnessed amazing increase of energy levels, resistance, wellbeing and improved memory too. After six months, the skin of the patient was shredded and replaced with new and rejuvenated skin. She was stunned by the results and her new improved appearance. What is interesting is that women above 65 years have experienced the most visible changes in both their physical and mental health. Dr. Guy Abraham is a famous endocrinologist who has joined the group of scientists demanding increased use of iodine as a universal cure.

So, why do so many people who take iodine claim that they were able to improve their overall well-being and health, increase their energy and boos cognitive functions? They also need less sleep, they have better skin properties and digestion and they can remain in a colder environment for a longer period of time without any problems. The simple answer is that iodine is a trace mineral that is used in the process of synthesis of hormones and that this mineral is crucial for the proper hormonal function in the areas where hormonal receptors are active.

report this adThat’s why Dr. Norman Shealy suggests taking one dose of iodine of around 1500 micrograms per day in a period of six weeks. In case the body temperature becomes normal after that, practitioners should reduce the dose to 600 micrograms a day. In addition, Dr. Flechas said that in the past two years, he and his colleagues have conducted a study that included a dozen of diabetics and in six cases they were able to help diabetes patients to stop using all pharmaceutical drugs designed for diabetes. They have used between 50 and 100 mg of iodine on a daily basis.

An adequate dose of iodine can also provide protection from infection and damage caused by vaccines. When people use high doses of iodine supplement they can experience the signs and symptoms of increased activity of thyroid gland like insomnia, anxiety, weight loss, high heart rate, diarrhea, vision problems, sensitive eyes and hypertension. Iodine supplement has a tendency to stabilize hyperactive thyroid gland and soothe autoimmune diseases and thyroid cancer. But, in case the size of the thyroid gland is enlarged like in the case of goiter, then this extra iodine will result in overstimulation.

If you want to normalize and stabilize the size of the thyroid gland and its functioning, iodine dose should be increased very slowly and after that temporarily reduce it while the signs of overstimulation appear and in the end gradually increase it over some period of time. Another issue in this case is that iodine stimulates the work of our heart, so if you are taking thyroid medications or other stimulation medicine as an addition, then this process will take a long time and you might experience arrhythmia. In cases like this, it is necessary to reduce the intake of some of these stimulants as much as it takes to correct this issue.

The main benefit of taking iodine comes from its efficiency in elimination of candida and other similar microbes and fungus. This is probably one of the reasons why iodine is so effective in treatment of fibrocystic diseases of uterus, ovaries and breasts and breast cancer. The most common use of iodine as an antimicrobial matter is eight drops (six times) or ten drops (three times) of Lugol’s solution per day in a period of three weeks.

The Food and Drug Administration has recently banned sales of more than 30 ml of Lugol’s solution, but people can still buy iodine pills or lodoral and 2% iodine solution which requires five times more drops compared to the amounts suggested for Lugol’s solution. At the same time, people should use iodine solution in water, not in alcohol because alcohol can lead to unwanted reactions. The authorities in Australia have completely banned Lugol’s solution and similar solutions of iodine to be used as remedies and lack of iodine has seriously affected many people in Australia.

According to some statistics, about half of the pregnant women in Australia don’t take sufficient amounts of iodine. Several studies have confirmed that lack of iodine in school children and adults in three states in Australia is getting very serious. The use of iodinated salt at home is one of the most convenient and simplest ways to boost iodine intake. It is good to know that regular table salt is a very poor source of this element.

Individuals who are not eating seafood, animal products or iodinated salt must take supplements in order to secure the proper intake of iodine. Pregnant women and breastfeeding moms should eat more food packed with iodine because they need more of this element. Some of them need supplements too. However, before taking iodine supplements, you should consult your physician because taking too much iodine can be poisonous and in some people this practice can lead to thyroid issues.

Taking about 1000 mg of iodine per day usually leads to specific irritations like burning and itching in the throat and mouth, vomiting, nausea, stomach aches and in rare cases – coma.

Another interesting fact is that iodine is part of almost every living being and plant. There are not standardized amounts of iodine found in food because the concentration of iodine is different in different parts of the world. Generally speaking, seafood contains highest amounts of iodine followed by animal products and plants. When it comes to specific foods, algae like kelp are the best known source of completely natural iodine while raw dairy products and eggs can also provide significant amounts of iodine. Seawater contains 0.05 parts per million iodine or about 34 million tones. We can extract about 0.45% of iodine from dried algae.

In 1997, Dr. Guy Abraham, ex professor at UCLA (Department of gynecology), has started a project simply called Iodine Project. The basis of this project relied on the theory that human body needs about 12.5 mg of iodine taken on a daily basis. This is a similar level of intake that average Japanese people have. It is a common belief that the human body contains between 25 and 50 mg of iodine and that between 85 and 80 percent of it is located in the thyroid gland.

However, Dr. Guy Abraham has concluded that the sufficiency throughout the body exists only when the individual secretes about 90% of iodine that enters the body. Professor Abraham has created a special test that measured iodine intake. The test involves taking 50 mg of iodine and measuring the secreted amount in the urine in the next 24 hours. The test suggested that a huge number of people keep a significant amount of iodine in the body.

Many people need about 50 mg per day before they secrete about 90% of that amount. This study has shown that the body, in case it takes sufficient amount of iodine, can retain much more of this element than believed (1500 mg) with just 2-3% of this amount retained in the thyroid gland. More than 3500 patients during the Iodine project have taken daily doses of iodine between 12.5 and 50 mg, while those who were suffering from diabetes have taken up to 100 mg of iodine each day.

The researchers that were part of this project have concluded that iodine reverses fibrocystic disease while diabetics needed less insulin. In addition, patients who were dealing with hypothyroidism needed fewer medicines and patients dealing with migraine significantly reduced their frequency and intensity. According to the official statistics of the WHO (World Health Organization) lack of iodine has occurred in more than 50 countries in the world. There is no precise answer about the reason why lack of iodine occurs even though there are two theories among scientists.

The first one claims that people who live in areas where there is only small amount of iodine in the sea and soil experience iodine deficiency more frequently while the second argues that people who eat high amounts of processed foods experience the same thing. Processed foods lose most of the iodine content. For instance, refined sugar doesn’t contain any iodine. Some good sources of iodine include unprocessed sea salt, most of seafood (especially oceanic, but not fresh oysters and fish), butter, fish soup, algae, artichokes, pineapple, eggs, dark green leafy veggies and asparagus.

Specific types of vegetables like spinach and cabbage can make the absorption of iodine very difficult especially when it is taken raw. Eating fish will not significantly affect iodine levels because in order to take about 14 mg of iodine which is usually the recommended dose, you will need to eat about nine kilos of fish in one day. As many doctors like to point out, consumption of iodine in mg should be combined with full nutritional program which includes suitable amounts of magnesium, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids.

In the meantime, people should probably follow the steps of Japanese people, which is by the way one of nations with highest life expectancy, and we should significantly increase iodine intake. If you can’t do this with the help of algae, you can always take two drops of Lugol’s solution or one lodoral pill a day.

Other Iodine Benefits

Iodine is an enemy to all unicellular organisms because it eliminates them with a specific combo that consists of histidine and tyrosine amino acids. Every cell that has tyrosine on the outer side of the cellular membrane is eliminated by a simple, yet effective reaction caused by iodine which interacts with the protein.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has revealed a report that highlights the fact that more than 3 billion people on our planet live in countries where iodine deficiency is a huge problem. In addition, vitamin A, iron and selenium deficiency can worsen the effects caused by lack of iodine in the body. Besides selenium and magnesium, iodine is another mineral that people lack in their bodies.

There are many different symptoms of iodine deficiency and some of the most common ones include cold feet and hands, muscle pain and spasms, poor memory, tendency to become overweight, depression, constipation, myalgia, edema, dry skin, weakness and brittle nails.

Dr. Bryce Vickery has also pointed out that iodine helps people get the most from the proteins found in their body. Every person that is suffering from lack of iodine usually has inadequate amount of protein in the body too. It is interesting that iodine has many non-endocrinal effects like the role it plays in the physiology of inflammatory processes. Iodine is able to boost mobility of granulocytes and direct them to the inflamed areas and it also improves phagocytosis of bacteria and ability of granulocytes to eliminate bacteria.

In addition, Dr. Robert Rowen says that iodine lowers the activity of lipoproteins. This is very important because increased activity of these compounds can lead to over-clotting of blood and different cardiovascular diseases and disorders. Dr. Rowen also emphasizes the fact that large amounts of iodine are found in human brain (for instance, the part of the brain linked to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease) and the central part of the eye which is one of the things that trigger glaucoma.

A scientific study conducted not while ago which included about 40 patients with certain cardiovascular diseases has found that individuals dealing with arrhythmia and heart failure have lowest concentration of iodine in their urine compared to other patients with such diseases. The increased role of pituitary gland hormone known as TSH was discovered in three sufferers and increased lipid metabolism was something that all patients (except those suffering from arrhythmia) had in common.

Scientists have concluded that by adding iodine in our diet we can prevent the negative effects of cardiovascular diseases due to lack of iodine. The majority of doctors believe that iodine is a strong antiseptic that disinfects drinking water and protects people from infections caused by surgical wounds. However, many doctors, including George Flechas, have noticed that most patients suffering from diabetes required reduction in insulin doses and diabetes medicines after solving iodine deficiency.

Iodine is relying on every single hormonal receptor located in our body. Lack of iodine causes hormonal problems which can be witnessed in almost every hormone in the human body. Every participant in this study was able to reduce the overall intake of pharmaceutical drugs for diabetes. Lack of iodine can also be determined in the skin because the skin usually becomes very dry and doesn’t sweat even when the temperature is high.

Lack of iodine in the body is one of the main reasons for improper functioning of our brain. Dr. Flechas says that iodine is responsible for the development of IQ in newborn children. Several studies have suggested that iodine deficiency could be the cause of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity (ADHD) in children. Despite this fact, science has still not discovered what kind of help iodine provides for children with neurological issues, but parents should definitely include magnesium and iodine in the diet of their children.

It appears that lack of iodine can cause huge damage in the development of embryos and that lack of iodine in pregnant women often leads to miscarriages and stillbirth. So, cretinism is not the only threat to newborn children because lack of iodine questions the survival of newborn children too. Additionally, iodine affects the creation of testosterone. When it comes to women, iodine supports the libido while in men testosterone is important for the libido and other functions.

Dr. Flechas suggests the use of iodine as a remedy. He says that this element can be used for literally every problem. He used it on himself, his children and nephews. When the doctors told him that his son’s tonsils must be removed, he decided to give iodine a try. He smeared iodine on the tonsils with the help of a spray bottle. Iodine tends to dry very fast, so his son didn’t consume any of it. Dr. Flechas says that the first signs of improvement appeared after only one day. Once the treatment was finished, his son never experienced problems with his tonsils again.

Activation of human body without the necessary minerals and nutrients is like driving any vehicle that doesn’t have oil in it. This means that our body will soon start to experience worn and torn effects due to the presence of impurities in the air, food, water, dental and medical medicines and other matters. Minerals, especially minerals like iodine, are very powerful natural remedies because they reach and affect the crucial physiology of the body directly.

When taking iodine is combined with other minerals you can expect some substantial positive changes in cellular physiology. For instance, iodine combined with magnesium will eliminate some persistent and significant health issues that are usually resistant to conventional treatment methods. So-called iodination is a very effective technique to cleanse water and the final results are directly affected by the amount of iodine, water temperature and the time used on this process.

For instance, concentration of about 8-9 mg in one liter on regular room temperature (20 C) will destroy all pathogens found in water in about ten minutes. Lower concentration and temperature require longer time.

During the Second World War, scientists have created special iodine pills for disinfection of small amounts of water in cases of emergency or temporary use. A few drops of iodine tincture of iodine pills are still used for purification of water in the army and among some campers. Lack of iodine or selenium can also alter the homeostasis and distribution of other minerals.

These facts make many experts wonder why the recommended daily amount of iodine is so low and why many natural sources of iodine were limited or completely eliminated and replaced with elements like fluoride or bromide which deplete iodine and don’t present adequate substitution for this element.

Once again, Dr. Flechas questions these things. He says that it is definitely odd that the government is providing iodine for protection against radioactive iodine which comes as a result of nuclear disaster while medical workers dispose the same kind of radioactive iodine in patients that have thyroid problems in order to cure the disease caused by lack of iodine in its purely natural form.

It is the natural iodine that protects our thyroid gland from soaking up biologically devastative, radioactive iodine. Why the doctors stopped using Lugol’s solution which was considered to be a perfectly safe medicine for thyroids disease? Why so-called medical experts have introduced pharmaceutical drugs for thyroid goiter in order to destroy this disease instead of using a simple, inexpensive and safe remedy?

Orto-iodine supplement is used as an addition to iodine until the thyroid gland and other parts of the body that are sensitive to iodine don’t reach the required amount of iodine. Truth to be told, there is absolutely no reason to fear iodine in case you use it for a good reason. Of course, you need to be careful because this element will support the detoxification process of heavy metals like halogens. All doctors have used iodine about one century ago and the doctors who really care about their patients are using this element even today.

As a matter of fact, it seems that people are beginning to realize and discover the incredible healing properties of iodine and it once was even considered to be a panacea when used alone, but when this element is combined with alpha lipoic acid, magnesium chloride and in some types of cancer with sodium carbonate, we will realize something really incredible. Saturated solution of potassium iodide has been used as an urgent medical treatment for hyperthyroidism because high amounts of iodine in the system will temporarily suppress secretion of thyroid hormones from this gland.

So, the main reasons for the reduced activity of thyroid gland are mercury, candida and fluoride. What is even more interesting is that fluorine was prescribed as a remedy for reducing thyroid activity in patients suffering from hyperthyroidism in the 1970s. There is a myriad of symptoms related to limited work of thyroid gland and we will mention some of them – malnutrition, fatigue, obesity, brain fog, constipation, fluid retention, hypotension, limited reflexes and depression.

We will now remind the readers about another less known, but important historic fact. Iodine, which is a rare element, has played important role in the process of creation of global atmosphere and evolution of life. More than two billion years ago our planet’s atmosphere didn’t have any oxygen until a new type of bacteria emerged. It was the cyanobacteria (green-blue algae) that started producing oxygen which was actually a byproduct of the process of photosynthesis.

In addition, cyanobacteria has developed tendency towards iodine. The reason behind this tendency can be traced to the fact that these organisms used iodine as an antioxidant in order to protect themselves from the free radicals produced by oxygen. By analyzing kelp, scientists have shown how iodine functions and discovered that kelp/algae can absorb much higher amounts of iodine when it is exposed to oxidative stress. A few other studies have confirmed that iodine increases antioxidative status of human serum in a similar way like vitamin C.

Iodine has some other functions and applications besides thyroid gland use and these uses should be researched more in the future. For instance, iodine is able to eliminate toxic, dangerous chemicals like bromide, fluoride, mercury and aluminum and biological poisons. It also suppresses autoimmunity, protects the body from unusual growth and expansion of gut bacteria and makes T-cells from the adaptive immune system stronger.

People who naturally don’t have thyroid gland or their thyroid gland was surgically removed, still need iodine because as we have already mentioned other body parts need iodine too. For example, this element is necessary for the proper functioning of prostate and breasts and iodine is also used by the adrenal gland, intestinal mucosa, parotid gland, ovaries, uterus and other organs. Iodine is a substantial nutrient in the process of maintenance of healthy cells. For instance, P53 gene which is also known as a genetic code guardian responsible for apoptosis of damaged cells requires iodine for proper functioning.

Iodine allergies are very rare. There are many individuals who believe that they are allergic to iodine after they conduct contrasting color testing. However, it is good to know that this is not some kind of allergy to iodine, but only to the color used during this process. A huge number of physicians claim that people who are allergic to shellfish are often allergic to iodine too, but the truth is that people are just reacting to the protein found in shellfish not to iodine. If you have any reaction after taking iodine supplements, this is not a sign of iodism.

This element triggers toxic halogenides in the bloodstream, so in case your kidneys and liver are already packed with toxins, you will witness a reaction that mimics symptoms typical for so-called iodine allergy.

Back in 1948, Berkeley University has revealed a scientific research known as Wolff-Chaikoff Effect which was focused on the systematic removal of iodine in national food supply. This effect is described as inability of organic bonding of iodine in the thyroid gland through increased iodine intake which leads to complete blockage of thyroid gland synthesis. In other words, at certain point, when the thyroid gland becomes overwhelmed with iodine, it will completely shut down.

That’s why Dr. Brownstein highly recommends T3 and T4 hormone testing along with evaluation of clinical symptoms whenever people notice increase of TSH hormone (produced by the thyroid gland) in cases of iodine addition. It appears that THS can climb up to 75 in less than half a year without any clinical symptoms because thyroid gland continues to do its job. THS rises in order to increase thyroglbulin which connects to excess iodine in bloodstream and aid creation of T4 and T3 hormones.

Once Wolff-Chaikoff Effect was published, the medical community was shocked and started claiming that the use of iodine will damage thyroid gland. This is the time when people and science started avoiding iodine and this element was perceived as something harmful and toxic. However, in the 1970s Bartofsky assessed the effects of Lugol’s solution by giving about 30 mg or 5 drops of iodine, three times a day in thyrotoxic patients.

In the end, he has concluded that the fast reduction of T4 secretion and production triggered by iodine was not a direct result of Wolff-Chaikoff Effect, but due to decrease of fraction rate of T4, but the public didn’t pay much attention to his claims.

Note: If you are impressed by the benefits of using iodine and you visit your local pharmacy and ask for even a mild iodine solution of iodine in any form, you will probably not manage to purchase it after your first attempt. In some countries, asking for iodine in a pharmacy is like asking for some kind of illegal and highly-dangerous substance.

The pharmacist will probably you tell you to visit your doctor first and get a prescription while the doctor will probably suggest many other solutions in order to make you stay away from iodine. In cases like this, you can either insist or lie that you will use this substance as a remedy for external disinfection or something like that (which is in some cases true). Of course, we are not trying to support lying, but if you try to purchase iodine in a regular way, you will notice that this is mission impossible in most cases.

Of course, don’t be too aggressive and persistent, especially if you are dealing with thyroid gland issues and try to find a doctor that will respect your decision and a doctor who will know the beneficial nature of iodine.

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