Vitamin a Deficiency May Be Causing a Diabetes Epidemic

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If you want to prevent type 2 diabetes, you should definitely increase the intake of foods like dark leafy greens, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes because these foods are rich in vitamin A and lack of vitamin A could trigger type 2 diabetes.

A recent scientific study released in the reputed Medical News Today conducted by scientists from the Weill Cornell Medical College in New York has confirmed that a lack of vitamin A could lead to type 2 diabetes. As a matter of fact, the results of this study can lead to the creation of completely new treatments for type 2 diabetes.

How are Type 2 Diabetes and Vitamin A Deficiency Related?

More than 95% of people suffering from diabetes have type 2 diabetes which means that this is the most common type of diabetes in the world. Insulin resistance is the main indicator of the presence of this disease. In other words, the so-called beta cells that produce insulin in the pancreas are unable to finish their activities in a proper way.

In order to learn more about the connection between vitamin A and type 2 diabetes, scientists from Weill Cornell Medical College analyzed the beta cells found in two different groups of mice.

The first group was genetically modified in a way that doesn’t allow them to store vitamin A.

The second group was regular mice that we’re able to store this vitamin that comes from their diet.

The final results have shown that the genetically modified mice that could not hold vitamin A in their body were suffering from beta-cell elimination.

This means that they were not able to produce insulin.
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Foods Rich in Vitamin A to Balance Blood Sugar Levels

What is even more interesting is the fact that when scientists eliminated vitamin A from the menu of healthy mice, they found out that this resulted in the loss of high amounts of beta cells. After that, the insulin level production dropped and the blood glucose levels were increased. Once the scientists started giving them the same unrestricted diet everything got back to normal.

There were few other similar scientific studies in the past and they have confirmed that vitamin A is crucial for beta-cell growth during the time of fetal growth and development. However, they were unable to determine the role of vitamin A in adult individuals.

Vitamin A is mostly found in veggies, fruits, dairy products, and meats. This vitamin has the ability to support and enhance cell growth, and preserve eye vision, and the immune system. It is good to point out that there are two different types of this vitamin – pro-vitamin A also known as beta-carotene which can be found in vegetables and fruits and preformed vitamin A or simply retinol which is usually found in dairy products, fish, poultry, and meat.

According to some evidence, taking large quantities of preformed vitamin A can actually be harmful and can lead to greater chances of experiencing hip fracture and loss of the effects of vitamin D. Now experts agree that people should place their focus on vitamin A that comes from natural sources like kale, spinach, squash, and sweet potatoes. Add these veggies to your daily menu.

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Consume More Greens to Prevent Vitamin A Deficiency

VAD or vitamin A deficiency occurs when the body doesn’t have a sufficient amount of vitamin A to support development, growth, and various physiological functions. This is especially difficult when individuals are suffering from some illness. This vitamin supports the production and proper functioning of white blood cells which as we all know are crucial for the immune system.

There are some indications that in the near future, people will be able to consume a synthetic form of this vitamin. Scientists from Weill Cornell Medical College believe that synthetic vitamin A might be able to cure type 2 diabetes.

Until then, stick to dark leafy greens and other vegetables rich in vitamin A.

Via Healthy and Natural World | Bel Marra Health

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