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Want To Clear Mucus From Your Lungs And Give An Instant Boost To Your Immune System? Try This!

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The immune system is responsible for keeping our body safe against the attacks of all the microorganisms and bacteria we come into contact with. So, if it doesn’t function properly, our risk of getting ill is increased. The mucus needs to be cleaned from the lungs once the disease attacks.

The immune system is actually a network of organs, tissues and cells which function together to protect our body.

Lungs are one of our vital organs as they are responsible for breathing in and storing oxygen, and breathing out carbon dioxide through our nose. Consequently, a mucus buildup in the nose can make a blockage that might impede our breathing, affecting our lungs too. This homemade remedy is excellent for eliminating the buildup mucus from the respiratory system, and improving the immune system. Being a completely natural and health beneficial remedy, it’s completely safe for both, adults and children.

Children play in places you can’t imagine, so they can easily come in contact with all sorts of microorganisms. This is one of the main reasons why children fall ill quite frequently. During this ongoing process, their immune system is evolving and improving. Coughs and colds are the most often health problems that appear in children. Although usually not serious, a cough or cold that lasts for longer can indicate a mucus buildup in their lungs. If not properly treated, the mucus can become serious problem.

What’s Mucus?

The average amount of mucus produced by our body on a daily basis, is up to one or two liters. A healthy person usually spits it out, but the mucus in a person who suffers from an allergy or cold, clogs the breathing tubes and causes a problem. Although uncomfortable, this is normal for a person with allergy or cold. However, if it lasts longer, or you notice the mucus becomes greenish in color, or gets mixed with blood, visit your doctor immediately and check your lungs.

It’s very important to care about your immune system as it continuously protects your body from various foreign bodies that can harm your health in different ways. Boosting it once in a while is a smart thing to do, and in this post we will show you one of the most effective ways to achieve this. It’s a natural homemade remedy that requires few simple ingredients.


100 ml. of water100 ml. of honeyOats


Wash the oats well, and then mix them with the water and honey. Boil the mixture for few minutes, and let it stay overnight. The following morning, strain and transfer it in a glass bottle. Store it in the fridge to last for a week.

How to Use It

Drink 30-40 ml of this homemade remedy on an empty stomach for 40 days. Make a 15-day pause, and repeat the treatment for 40 more days. This natural remedy will boost your immune system and protect you from any bacteria and viruses. Since we mentioned it’s safe for children, use it to strengthen their immunity especially before the start of the cold and flu seasons.

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