What 3 Cups of Coffee a Day Can Do To Your Liver

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According to a new scientific study, drinking coffee comes with health benefits for the liver. Through this study, scientists were able to show that people who consume several cups of coffee on a daily basis have reduced the amount of non-performing enzymes inside the liver and the interesting part is that even decaf coffee can bring the same effects.

Dr. Xiao Qian from Maryland who was leading this study said that although there were studies in the past that have confirmed the positive impact of drinking coffee on the liver, no one has tested the effects of decaf coffee before.

Decaf Coffee and Liver

In order to find out more about decaf coffee effects, Dr. Xiao and his team have analyzed and reviewed data and results gathered from previous researches. They have analyzed the effects of researches that involved more than 27.000 people over the age of 20.

The main goal of this research was to analyze the overall health of Americans who have been part of medical interviews and medical tests. The final conclusion was that people who used three or more three cups of coffee on a daily basis had a significantly lower number of liver enzymes compared to those who didn’t drink coffee at all.

Knowing that you are actually protecting your liver through this activity, now you can enjoy drinking coffee more than ever.

Sources: Reuters Wiley CDA,  Coffee And Health.

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