What is the Safest Position to Sleep in During Pregnancy?

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One of the hardest things for pregnant women is getting some good sleep. Their heartburns are getting worse, they sweat more than usual, and their hips ache. They spend the nights turning and twisting in the hope to find a position that will be both, comfortable for them and safe for the baby.

This is 10 times more difficult for those who are used to sleeping on their stomach. They get minimum or no sleep at all, making them grumpy and irritable during the day. If they are very tired, they might fall asleep despite all of the hurdles, but here’s the risk of waking up from the acrobatics of their baby.

Sleeping is not easy for pregnant women, so here we give you the safest sleeping position during pregnancy.

Sleeping on Your Tummy

Sleeping on your stomach is safe during the first trimester of your pregnancy. Once you complete it, you will probably have good round belly due to the growth of your baby. This means even if it’s safe to sleep on your stomach after the first trimester, you won’t be able to. This position will no longer be comfortable for you, nor safe for the baby.

Sleeping on Your Back

During the first trimester, there are not many rules or precautions concerning the sleeping position. However, during the rest of the pregnancy you shouldn’t sleep on your back. The growing uterus during the second and third trimester presses the spine and the main vein that carries blood to your heart – vena cava. If this vein is highly pressed, it can disrupt blood circulation which is very critical during the period of pregnancy.

Sleeping on Your Right Side

SOS – sleeping on your side is much better than the previous two positions. Pregnant women are recommended to sleep on their left side as the best and safest sleeping position for them. Sleeping on the right side puts pressure on the liver, which according to doctors should be avoided.

Sleeping on Your Left Side

According to doctors, sleeping on the left side is the safest position during pregnancy. It doesn’t put excess pressure on your vena cava, liver, or your spine. This enables proper blood circulation, which means proper amount of oxygen and nutrients for your baby through the placenta. This position will also expand your body weight, and prevents the uterus pressing the liver and vena cava.

However, sleeping on the left side all the time is also not recommended. You need to strike a balance between the two sides – left and right. After sleeping on your right side for a longer time, change it to the other side to get a proper circulation throughout your entire body.

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Several Tips to Get a Good Sleep

Besides sleeping in the recommended position, these tips will also help you get a good sleep. Once your baby is born, you won’t have much time to sleep, so make sure you get a good one while you can.

For a better support and prevention from rolling on your stomach or back, prop a pillow under your back or stomach and between your legs.Don’t panic if you experience shortness of breath. Put a pillow under your side and lift your chest.Heartburn is the most common problem among pregnant women. To keep your acids down, and prevent them reaching your throat, sleep with a few stack blankets or books under your pillow.A good way to calm down and relax before going to bed, is enjoying a nice relaxing bath.Drink some fruit tea or other hot beverage before sleeping.If you experience pelvic cramps or other aches, ask your partner to give you a massage before sleeping.

We hope these tips will help you get a good sleep, or at least some extra hours of comfort during your pregnancy.

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