What Will Happen If You Drink Warm Lemon Water in the Morning?

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Does your mind tell you to power on the coffee maker or your computer first in the morning? Maybe it tells you “DRINK A CUP OF WARM LEMON WATER”!? It is not the second thing, for sure!

According to Indian Ayurveda, your daily routine is your health. This routine makes you susceptible or resistant to diseases. Therefore, it is important to set up a daily routine, ideal for your body.

Nobody tells you that you should not power on the computer or espresso maker, but before, drink a cup of warm lemon water early in the morning. Just squeeze half a lemon in a cup of warm water (not boiled). What do you say? Certainly will not hurt you and there are more health benefits than your computer, for sure.

Healthy Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water in the Morning

1. It improves the immune system. The lemon has large amounts of vitamin C and potassium, which are great fighters with cold, regulate blood pressure and stimulate the central nervous system.

2. It regulates the Mayo Clinic of your body. In the group of alkaline food, lemon is at the top. Although lemon contains acids, they make your body alkaline, which is a key element for your health.

3. It improves digestion. Warm water stimulates gastrointestinal tract and lemon on the other hand, with the high concentration of minerals and vitamins, acts as a powerful antioxidant and discards the toxic substances out of your body.

4. It helps in weight loss. Do you know that lemon reduces spasms in the stomach caused by hunger? This is due to the high concentration of pectin fiber. In fact, the practice only confirms that people, who use alkaline diet, lose weight faster.

5. Warm lemon water acts as a natural diuretic. It stimulates the urinary tract allowing more often urination, which means faster detoxification.

6. It prevents dehydration of the lymphatic system. By maintaining hydration of your body, you are helping the thyroid and adrenal glands to produce greater amounts of energy. Adrenal glands also release the hormone aldosterone, which regulates the balance between water and sodium in your body. It is very important for maintaining a proper hydration.

7. It keeps your skin shiny and tight. Vitamin C is great for your healthy skin. By drinking warm lemon water, you will notice a difference on your skin in just one month. Your skin blemishes and wrinkles will disappear.

8. It frees you from stress. The first signs of stress are due to the lack of Vitamin C.

9. Warm lemon water will make you get rid from the bad coffee habit. People, who drink only one cup of this drink in the morning, say that their desire for coffee fell down.

10. It maintains a healthy mouth. The citric acid refreshes your breath, removes tooth pain and gingivitis. However, be careful! It also erodes tooth enamel.

11. It relieves respiratory problems. Warm lemon water relieves cough and lungs infections. It is great for people with asthma and respiratory allergies.

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Now, get ready for the next day! Remember! Let the first thing in your morning routine be a cup of warm lemon water.

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