What Your Blood Type Allows You to Eat and What You Should Stay Away From

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The famous naturopathic physician Peter D’Adamo has developed a concept that proves that blood type affects the healthy lifestyle and the benefits of the diet.

He did research in the field of biochemistry and glycobiology and used the obtained results as a source for his book – Eat Right 4 Your Type. His book became one of the best-selling, with 7 million copies sold.

According to the Adams theory, each person reacts differently to certain types of food, depending on blood type. He says that lectins (carbohydrate-binding protein from food) cause different interactions with different blood types separately. If lectins interact with the antigens of a specific blood type, it can negatively affect your health.

In this diet, D’Adamo divides food into two main groups. The food you should and food you should not eat. He also divides the food into 16 subgroups (milk, meat, vegetables, fruits, etc…), depending on the recommended amount of food for every blood type separately.

The 4 Blood Types and Foods for Each One

1. TYPE O (The Hunter) is the oldest form of blood type (more than 30,000 years). People with this blood type have a greater need for protein compared with other blood types.

You should eat red meat, seafood, poultry (chicken or turkey), and other various meat products. The vegetables eligible for this blood type are brown seaweed, spinach, broccoli, and kale.You should not eat cereals, wheat, and legumes such as peas, beans, lentils, and peanuts. Digestive problems are possible if you use dairy products and eggs.

2. TYPE A (The Agrarian) is a blood type dating 20,000 years ago and is closely associated with agriculture development. People with this blood type should focus on a vegetarian diet.

You should eat cereals and vegetables due to the effective digestive enzymes. Focus on healthy cereal, bread, pasta and avoid whole grains. A good choice is a fruit like apples, avocados, figs, oranges, and lemons. You should limit the vegetables and put the emphasis on vegetable proteins like soy and nuts.You should not eat meat and protein, or you should limit them. Fish, chicken, beef, and pork are a problem for the effective enzymes. You should also avoid dairy products.

3. TYPE B (The Nomad’s) blood type dating back around 10,000 years. The digestive system of these people is different and they should focus on dairy products.

You should eat red meat, turkey, fish, grains, fruits, and green vegetables.You should not eat corn, lentils, seeds, chicken, and peanuts.

4. TYPE AB (The Enigma) is the latest type of blood type, dates back around 1000 years. As its name says, this blood type is the middle between type A and B.

You should eat vegetables, fish, and turkey. Seafood, tofu, beans, and legumes are also excellent choices. Fruits you can eat are watermelon, apples, bananas, and figs.You should not eat red meat (causing acid reflux – typical for type A), lentils, and corn (typical of type B). You should avoid high amounts of alcohol and caffeine.

The Blood Type Diet Benefits

The effects of this diet are still under rigorous trials. However, all studies have given positive results. Many people lowered their cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. Many of them lost their weight, although it is not proven in any study.

Every kind of food is healthy if consumed in adequate amounts. Therefore, if you decide to make a change, do not be scared. You can get only health benefits from that change – more energy, a more beautiful figure, and welfare.

Potential Problems

The biggest problem that may occur within this change is the adaptation to the new diet. If anyone should avoid meat, he should find another way to supplement more protein intake, or people who need to cut on dairy products, need to get enough calcium from other sources.

That means if someone decides to use this diet, he should be ready for hard work, patience, and perseverance. When it comes to improving your health, it is easily possible with a pre-determined list of foods. However, the diet is essential to man.

In the end, you know that I am on your side and I must share the other information that I found. Now, the question is: Is the theory behind the popular blood-type dietWeb MD

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