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When Should You Drink Lemon Water to Reap Benefits?

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All of the potent remedies for the living creatures reside in the nature. The natural vegetables and fruits are true medicines. Among them, one special wonder is the lime.

The squeezed lime juice is an impressive anti-toxin agent that purifies and cleanses the blood and the digestive system.

It’s the anti-oxidant properties that energize revitalize the bodily functions.

The lime juice is an important ingredient and thirst-quencher in a healthy diet.

According to the nutritionists, an everyday consumption of fresh lime water will reduce the risk of blood pressure, urinary tract problems and cancer.

Also, a well-known recipe for losing weight is a lukewarm water with a slice of lemon. However, if you practice some workout or you feel tired after a hard day, you should consume the lime in a different manner.

Some vigorous exercise will activate your organs, muscles and tissues while the sweating will release the vital body fluids. Some lime water after a hard workout or a hard day will refresh your body and will prevent dehydration. The trainers suggest keeping some bottle of water with lime for the whole day. This drink is a must and it will refresh your body during hot season.

The intense exercising causes an acid in your body. If you do not neutralize it by some food, the body itself will use the calcium from bones and nitrogen from muscles to neutralize it.

Limes and lemons are especially useful because they have an effect of neutralization. This is because of their alkaline environment even though they have acidic nature.

By consuming lime water, you will supply your body with the vital fluids lost for 60 minutes of exercise with moderate intensity.

If your workout lasts more than an hour, accompanied with high intensity exercises you should add some energy drinks along with the lime water.

Via Cure Joy

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