When Your Doctor Suggests Regular Mammograms, This is What You NEED to Say Back

When Your Doctor Suggests Regular Mammograms, This is What You NEED to Say Back
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Dr. Ben Johnson: I have written this book for women. It’s called The Secret of Health Breast Wisdom. The Modern medical societies are allowing breast cancer to women through our suggestion for mammograms. The fact is that mammograms are the ones that have been causing breast cancer. They are not healthy in any way. You should not get regular mammograms. It has been already published within peer review literature, and there should be no doubt about it.

Despite this fact, if any lady visits her family doctor or gynecologist, she will be coerced to get mammogram. The point is that it has not been doing anything to save lives. Instead of saving, it has a 4 percent higher risk of killing you.

Ty Bollinger: So we can say that the detection technique being used (primary technique) is the cause behind breast cancer.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Yes, that’s a dreadful test. It involves destroying breasts and then irradiating them with radiation that causes cancer. In women who are below 50, this is only 52 percent effective. 52 is almost 50, isn’t it?

Ty Bollinger: Yes.

Dr. Ben Johnson: That means around half the women having breast cancer are not being detected of their cancer. That makes it a very dreadful test. There are many other tests which are far better. Despite that, it is mammogram that is being forced on women. It is a terrible test and it is causing breast cancer.

Ty Bollinger: So it detects only in 50 percent of cases and also cause cancer. Which are the better options for detecting this cancer?

Dr. Ben Johnson: There are at least 2 better options. Ultrasound is perfect if you think you have a lump or something. It tests women’s anatomy. MRIs are also tests of anatomy. So you should go and have an anatomy if you think you have lumps.

Ultrasound allows seeing the lump and the consistency. It allows you to see where the calcium is. It can also show where the blood flow is, as tumors will have enhanced blood flow. The sensitivity of ultrasound is higher at around 80 percent, which is much better than for mammograms.

If you want prevention and you need screening, thermography is the only good option out there. It is an infrared thermal camera and there will be nothing that touches your body or smashing your breasts. And there will be no radiation that could cause cancer.

All of us are emitting heat which falls in the spectrum of infrared. The spectrum goes infrared, the visual light and then ultraviolet. The infrared spectrum is invisible to our eyes but can be detected by the camera. It was developed by the military to see in the dark and to shoot down missiles and other things that release heat.

Ty Bollinger: Yes, just like night vision goggles.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Yes, that’s it. Night vision goggles are also infrared based. We are using the technology in medical application for detecting hotspots in breasts.

Before the tumor came, there were the cancer cells. In fact, that could be almost a decade before the tumor came when the cancer cells started growing. There must have been just 2 cells to start with, then 4, then 16 and then 144 and so on. It can take around 8 years for something to grow to be 1 cm and be ready to be detected by mammogram or ultrasound. But isn’t it too late. That 1 cm of tumor contains more than a billion cells.

By the time you have reached a billion cells, your cancer has already entered the venous and lymphatic system and there are cancer cells reaching all the places in your body. This is one of the several reasons why mammograms don’t help in saving lives. It’s too late in detecting. When they say “early detection will save life, get your mammogram now”, it’s all a lie they are propagating.

Ty Bollinger: That’s so right.

Dr. Ben Johnson: That statement is true – if you detect it early, your life can be saved. But mammography doesn’t help with early detection – it helps with late detection. Plus it will give you all the cancer causing radiation. So the fact is that mammograms are causing more of breast cancer than doing any of the detection job.

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