Why Growing Numbers of Pot Smokers are Eating Mango Before Lighting Up

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Mangoes not only provide the body many health benefits, but strengthen the true potential of marijuana.

The science has discovered that the chemical properties of mangoes can lengthen and strengthen the feelings after smoking marijuana.  This is really surprising fact for the medicinal and recreational smokers of marijuana because now they have a healthy fruit that will increase the feeling during their munchies.

It is a well known fact that medical marijuana is a potent natural remedy for a vast number of ailments, aches and pains.  The recreational smokers of marijuana enjoy the euphoric feelings of this supplement in contrast to the feelings of intoxication, a result of liquor and alcohol.

The natural marijuana is considered a sinful pleasure, but in the same time a powerful solution for the pains and stresses of life.

The scientists have recently found out that the consumption of fresh mangoes or mango juice significantly increase the euphoric feelings of marijuana and release the pain of the medical marijuana patients.

This is a result of the chemical compound called myrcene terpenes, the most present compound in fragrances which can be found in marijuana and cannabis as well as in mangoes, lemongrass and hops.

For this reason, these plants are unique and rare types of aromas and odors. When ingested, this compound assisted by the THC, the psychoactive substance  pass through the BBB (Blood Brain Barrier) very fast and efficient.

Almost 7 seconds after inhalation are needed for the THC to have an effect on the brain. Eating mango one hour before smoking enables the THC to reach the brain in less than 5 seconds.

Eating mango prior to smoking marijuana makes the euphoric feelings more intense. This is a perfect property for the medical use of marijuana, because it will increase the pain relief instantly or for the recreational use because of the need to get higher than before.

This is an important fact for the different metabolisms of those attempting to try the experiment. So, those with faster metabolisms have to ingest more than those with a bit slower metabolisms who should practice eating a mango in order to speed up the effects of marijuana.

Also, eating mangoes provides your body with significant amounts of nutrients, vitamins and help you avoid foods loaded with cholesterol and trans fats. A consumption of fatty food during the munchies can be detrimental to the health of the individuals. So make sure you eat a healthy food when smoking marijuana for medical or recreational means.

The Michael Backes, the author of the Cannabis Pharmacy, claims that the chemical compound can enter the bloodstream more easily when absorbed through the mucus. In other words, it is more effective to hold a mango or mango smoothie under your tongue rather than eating a mango.

Another method is lemongrass tincture or chewing fresh lemongrass. Make sure you start with a small amount at the beginning in case you have some lemongrass/mango allergy.

Via Real Farmacy

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