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Why This Common Cooking Oil is a Cancer Nightmare

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Exactly 60 years ago, a popular cooking oil manufacturer in the US, started a marketing campaign in numerous magazines convincing people that fried foods are turned into light foods when people use vegetable oil instead of lard or butter.


It was obvious that the manufacturer was trying to attract people by saying that vegetable oil is a healthier, low-calorie option. Even back then people were concerned about their health, so they followed their advice and started using vegetable oil.

If we analyze the marketing campaign from this perspective we will see that it was successful.

As a matter of fact, vegetable oil is still widely used for preparation of processed and fried foods. In addition, advertisers have not changed their claims – they are still convincing people that vegetable oil is much healthier compared to animal fats because the vegetable version doesn’t come with any cholesterol and this oil is not saturated at all.

However, does the science agree? Is there any study that can prove how (un)healthy vegetable oil is?

To sum up, the oil with beautiful golden color poured in salads, thrown in deep fryers and used in frying pans is not really that health as some oil manufacturers claim.

Many of these vegetable oils like canola oil, sunflower oil, soy oil and corn oil are often called heart healthy oils, but studies have shown that they are one of the main factors that contribute to the development of cancer and heart disease in the US and all over the world. The vast majority of people are not aware of the fact that they are tricked.

Vegetable Cooking Oil is Actually a Waste Product

Mainstream media and the chemical industry have praised vegetable oil as a natural and healthy option for decades. But, the main reason for this is the fact that producing vegetable oil is inexpensive and allows companies to get huge profits.

The supposed health benefits of using vegetable oil are barely noticeable. Vegetable oil was used as a food for more than one century and today, thanks to modern technology and advanced medicine we can see that this specific oil is actually quite dangerous because it can trigger numerous chronic diseases.

If we take a close look at the history of this oil and how it became available on the market most of our readers will probably be shocked. The Happiness Diet is a very popular book that claims that the popularity of vegetable oil for cooking increased when the famous Procter and Gamble or P&G brand led the American public to believe that vegetable oil is much healthier than animal fats.

James Gamble and William Procter decided to start producing soap based on cottonseeds, but they have soon discovered that during the process of manufacturing, there is a significant amount of waste left. This waste had a form of cottonseed (vegetable) oil.

They came to an idea to sell this oil as a great substitution for animal fats and they even called it nutritious oil although the presence of nutrients was minimal. When this oil is raw it represents a harmful toxin which is used as a type of birth control in men in some regions.

P&G used many different innovative marketing campaigns and distributed free samples in restaurants and homes and this oil became favorite oil of Americans. Even though it took several years for this transition, vegetable oil eventually became the most popular oil.

Science Monthly had an interesting note about the use of vegetable oils and cottonseed oil. They said that the waste of the past is now used as food and that this was not the first case – garbage was turned into fertilizer and later into cattle feed for instance.

A Few Reasons Why Vegetable Oil is Unhealthy

Of course, there are many foods that are produced in a way that is not very attractive, so why would we care about the origin of vegetable oil. in case vegetable oil is really capable of reducing cholesterol levels and keeping us safe from artery hardening, we probably don’t have to worry about its origin.

This sounds logical, but before you stop reading, we must highlight the fact that there are a few reasons that you may not be aware of and these reasons should definitely make you look for another solution:

1. In Many Cases These Oils are Rancid because They are Oxidized and Processed Heavily

In order to extract vegetable oil from any plant, manufacturers use a special process that involves high pressure, high heat and even some chemical agents. In other words, the oils are exposed to high amount of light and air. In cases like this, the vegetable oils become rancid and oxidized and most of their beneficial antioxidants are eliminated. In other words, they become inflammatory and toxic.

2. Most Vegetable Oils are Hydrogenated which Makes them Trans Fats

Manufacturers often use hydrogenation to get the needed texture and consistency of oil. In this way, the oils appear creamier and smoother and even solid when they are left at room temperature. Vegetable oils that are partially hydrogenated or completely hydrogenated are basically trans fats which obstruct the proper metabolism of all nutrients which eventually results in health issues like:

Damages to the immune systemGastrointestinal diseaseAtherosclerosisLiver disordersObesityDiabetesCancer.

The process of hydrogenation is used to extend shelf life of vegetable oils, but taking them on a regular basis can lead to the occurrence of different types of cancer. A scientific study conducted at the Vanderbilt University has shown that eating trans fats is linked to increased chances of premature death caused by heart disease and other health problems. In other words, vegetable oils are toxic and harmful.

3. Vegetable Oils are Linked to Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer and Other Forms of Cancer

European scientists have concluded that trans fat consumption has the ability to rise the chances of developing breast cancer in women for 100%. A few other scientific studies have shown that trans fat consumption increases risk of colon cancer and few other forms of cancer too.

So, What Kind of Cooking Oils Should We Use?

Is there are a healthy option? Going back to basics and using animal fats is definitely an option in case you want to avoid the negative effects of vegetable oil for cooking. But, in case you don’t eat animal products, make sure that you are taking saturated fats that are healthy and beneficial for your body and mind like coconut oil and palm oil. Despite the general consensus, saturated fats should not be blamed for artery clogging and causing heart disease – the main factor is vegetable oil consumption.

According to Dr. Josh Axe, a specialist in the field of nutrition, fat located in blocked arteries consist of 75% unsaturated fat and 50% of this fat is polyunsaturated fat.

Some of the best oils that you should use whenever you are cooking are:

Lard originating from pigs (pigs should be pastured without antibiotics and hormones)Butter (it is better to use grass-fed butter with dark yellowish color)Suet and tallow from lamb and beef (they should be pastured without antibiotics or hormones)Duck, goose and chicken fat (they should be pastured without antibiotics and hormones)Palm kernel, palm and coconut oil.

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