Why Vaginal Steam Could Be the Best Thing You’ll Try This Year

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Before we start explaining this method please note these two things:

Women who are pregnant or believe that they may be pregnant should avoid this practice because some of the herbs used in this treatment can induce labor. It is a good idea to ask for advice from your doctor before practicing this home remedy.Do not try this in case you have an IUD.

Many women claim that after using this remedy they were no longer experiencing cramps, sharp pains or backaches during their periods. This also means that they don’t need to change their regular fitness routine during this period.

The vaginal steam is a remedy that is hundreds of years old. Different cultures know it under different names such as yoni steam, Chai-yok or bajo. This remedy was practiced regularly in the ancient times, but it was somehow forgotten in the past few centuries. Today this method is revived and it is already helping hundreds of women around the globe.

This ancient remedy was used primarily for maintaining the health of the uterus. It is known as a tool that can help endometriosis, Healthline, painful menses and any medical condition related to the uterus. Instead of using expensive treatments and pharmaceutical remedies, women can use this simple process and improve the health of their intimate area. This is something that they can practice on a daily basis, without leaving the comfort of their home.

Efficiency of the Vaginal Steam

According to Dr. Rosita Arvigo (specialist in the field of naprapathy and master herbalist), who has studied Mayan women that used natural remedies regularly, vaginal steam seems to be effective treatment for women regardless of their age and ethnicity.

For centuries, thousands of women have enjoyed some of the positive effects of yoni steams. Some of these effects include:

Reduced period flow and reduced brown blood at the end of menses.Reduced pain, exhaustion and bloating caused by menstruation.Fast healing and stabilizing the reproductive system once the birth is finished.Increased fertility rates (in a combination with special Mayan massage in that area).Balanced menstrual cycles.Healing of ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, uterine prolapse, endometriosis and uterine weakness.Aiding the process of repairing episiotomy, vaginal tear and C-section related scars.Aiding the process of healing hemorrhoids.Relieving all symptoms of menopause and perimenopause.Treating severe and chronic vaginal infections and regulating the odor.Removing the toxins from the system especially from the womb.

So how does exactly a Vaginal Steam work?

In case you know how nasal or facial steam is performed then you will know how to perform a vaginal steam too. Of course, this time you will have to use steam that comes from a pot or bowl with hot boiled water and herbs in a position that will reach the vaginal lips in the best way. The soft tissues found in the vagina have high absorption properties and the steam that comes from the bowl will make the ingredients reach the system fast.

Once the herbs are placed in the boiled water, all of their health properties will be released through the steam, into the vagina and ultimately in the bloodstream and the uterus. What is great about this vaginal steam is the fact that the results are visible quickly.

How to perform a Vaginal Steam?

One of the best parts about vaginal steam is that it is really easy to do one at your home. Place one cup of dry herbs known for their beneficial properties for the vagina in a pot of hot water. Lay down or site somewhere where you won’t be disrupted, place the pot near your intimate area and wait for 30 to 40 minutes. This procedure can be performed in several ways.

The first one is really practical. You can use a metal bowl with the mixture, place it inside your toilet bowl, and sit on the toilet bowl. You can also sit on two chairs placed separately and leave a small space that will help the steam reach the vagina. You can also find specially designed steaming stool. No matter which procedure you choose, make sure that the water is not very hot in order to avoid skin damage.

It is good to mention that this is a period where you will feel very relaxed, so you can spend this time reading a book or simply meditate. Remember to use warm blankets on your body during and after the process is finished and it is best to use a warm bed during the night. The reason is simple – the herbs will continue to bring positive effects in your system during the night too and the heat will improve this process.

The positive effects are visible almost immediately. Women who have used this method experience increased energy levels, limited bloating, reduced cramps etc.

There are a huge number of herbs that can be used in the process of vaginal steaming, but since some of them can affect pregnant women, it is best to seek for advice from your physician or naturopath and make some online research.

Although the herbs that we usually use in the kitchen can be quite helpful for vaginal steaming, there are certain herbs that are not very common that work the best. Some of the most popular and most effective herbs used for vaginal steaming are yarrow, motherwort, mugwort, partridgeberry and lavender. They can be used as a mixture or you can create a solution by using only one herb.

This home remedy, presented by Elephant Journal, will help you heal your body and it will eliminate the stress that you have accumulated during the day too. Women from all over the world should learn more about the way their body works and they should turn to the effective natural remedies that seem to be forgotten or underestimated in the past century.

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