Why You Should Never Buy Produce With a Sticker That Begins With 8

Why You Should Never Buy Produce With a Sticker That Begins With 8

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If you have ever purchased a Fuji apple, you have probably noticed the stickers with numbers on them. But, do you really know what these numbers mean? Are they just some mark that manufacturers use for their own purposes? No, these numbers are meaningful and they can tell us a lot about the product. Of course, these numbers mean different things, so we will have to provide a thorough explanation.

For example, any number found on the sticker that begins with a 9 is there to show that the product is organic. But, there are many people who are still wondering what makes one product organic. If you are one of them, you should know that the organic label means that the product was grown in soil where no pesticides, antibiotics, or contaminated fertilizers were used.

The fact is that organic food tastes much better and in addition, numerous scientific studies have confirmed that this food brings more health benefits. As the old saying goes – you are what you eat – so always look for the best and healthiest products. If you are looking for organic food that brings many health benefits try some of these foods:

On the other hand, products that have numbers that start with 4 or 3 are products that are grown in a conventional way. This type of farming relies on pesticides and chemicals which help the manufacturer get larger products. These products also grow faster and they last for a longer period of time.

This doesn’t always mean that the product is unhealthy. If you want to save money and buy a good product that starts with these numbers we suggest some of the following foods:

In the end, the long numbers found on products that start with the number 8 are GMO foods. In other words, the product you are looking at was made by a machine or individual in order to boost productivity. Most nutritionists agree that people should avoid these products.

Keep in mind that it is the best idea to help local farmers and visit farmers’ markets and small local food stores. In addition, feel free to become part of Community Supported Agriculture or CSA exchange to check where the food is coming from. You can always purchase organic products in a grocery store, but it is even better to buy products directly from the person who grew them.

If you spend some time analyzing what you are buying before you put it on the table, you will be able to protect yourself from different health issues and support your overall health.


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