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Wrap Your Feet in a Few Layers of Aluminum Foil. 1 Hour Later? Incredible…

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Almost every household has aluminum foil stored in the kitchen. People use it to prepare or store food, but only a small number of people know that we can use it to improve our health too.

So, besides using this foil for cooking, you can also use it to prevent or eliminate some health issues. There is a wide range of applications of this material – getting rid of common cold, eliminating insomnia etc.

Say Goodbye to Fatigue Right Away

People have used aluminum foil to eliminate fatigue for many years now and this practice has been supported by many experts. In order to use this foil for this purpose, you should put a few strips of it in the freezer and leaved them there for at least three hours.

After that, you should put them on the face (make sure that the eyelids or the cheeks are covered) and leave them like that till you notice that the area is relaxed.

When you remove the foil, you will see that the signs of insomnia and fatigue are eliminated.

Ease The Pain in Your Joints

It turns out that aluminum foil is excellent for getting rid of painful health issues including gout, arthritis, heel pain and sciatica.

If you want to get the best results, start by wrapping some aluminum foil all around the problematic area on the body and secure it with the help of medical bandage. Let the wrap stay during the night. Perform this procedure for at least ten days and maximum of 12 days and after that take a 15-day break. In case the pain is still present, do it again.

Ease Recent Burns

Only a small number of people know that aluminum foil contains elements that can ease burns. The trauma doctors at the University of Wisconsin are using this on fresh burns. If you want to recover from burn wounds and ease the problem, first of all wash the area with cold water and after that use soft cloth to dry it.

Next, place a layer of burn balm and put sterile gauze on top. Finally, use an aluminum foil to wrap the sterile gauze and use medical bandage to keep everything in place. Wait until the pain starts diminishing.

Eliminate Phantom Pains

In case you had an amputation surgery or you simply have phantom pains that are unexplained, you can rely on aluminum foil. This foil can help you eliminate these odd pains. All you need to do is wrap the problematic limb with some aluminum foil. Secure it with the help of a medical bandage and once the pain is finished get rid of the foil.

Eliminate an Annoying Cold

You never know when cold and flu might strike, so it is crucial to learn how to combat the symptoms in a natural way. So, one of the ways to combat them is to use aluminum foil. Just wrap the feet in six or seven layers of this foil and wait for about 60 minutes before removing them. Free the feet for two hours and use aluminum foil again. You can do this for three times a day in a period of one week and you should be able to eliminate and prevent the cold.

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