You Might Want to Keep The Watermelon’s Rind After Discovering the Benefits

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During those hot summer days, all one wants is a nice, juicy watermelon to fill their tummies. Sure enough, this marvelous food is also filled with health benefits.

But, we’d like to let you in on a mistake that almost everyone makes: throwing away the rind once you’re done.

That does seem like the logical thing to do, we agree, but it turns out that you could be using it and reaping its benefits even after you’ve devoured the succulent side of the watermelon.

We’d like to give you some facts as to why the watermelon rind should not end up in your trashcan.

Would you be shocked if we told you that the watermelon rinds are even healthier than the fruit we are so used to eating?

For example, the white part of the watermelon’s rind is packed with nutrients, so you should seriously consider adding it to your menu.

After all, watermelons are not around for too long, their season comes and goes, which is all the more reason we should take advantage of both their juicy side and rind while we still have the chance, before having to wait another year.

So Many Health Benefits!

Now, we know that the rind isn’t exactly the tastiest thing you’ll ever try, but we assure you it is well worth it since it is abundant in the vitamins A, C, and B6, as well as the minerals zinc, potassium, and magnesium.

It also represents a great source of lycopene, a very important antioxidant also contained in tomatoes (especially in cooked form!).

The rind of the watermelon is also rich in an amino acid called citrulline. It is especially beneficial for building healthy and strong muscles. But its role in soothing your nerves and lowering anxiety is no less important either.

And as if all this wasn’t already plenty, it also abounds in fiber. And fiber is a natural promoter of weight loss!

Furthermore, the watermelon’s rind is mostly composed of water, which gives it another excellent characteristic as a natural diuretic. It’s very useful for flushing out any toxins or excess water from your system.

And for a super easy way to give your immunity a natural boost, just add this rind in your smoothies. But you can also add it to certain types of food. For example, tuna or, say, salads or even meats like turkey.

Do we really need to give you any more reasons not to throw away the rind than we already have? No? Didn’t think we did.

Source: Healthy-Food-House/ | 99 Easy Recipes

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