Your Natural Garlic Juice Recipe to Purify Blood Naturally

Your Natural Garlic Juice Recipe to Purify Blood Naturally
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The garlic provides many health benefits for the body due to its medicinal and healing properties.

It eliminates excessive fats, treats inflammatory diseases in women, cleanses toxins, boosts the metabolism and purifies the blood.

You can consume garlic in a raw state, cooked or in the form of garlic juice. For a short period of time you can provide your body with great number of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Recipe for Garlic Juice

What to use:

12 garlic cloves½ liter of red wine

How to prepare:

First clean the garlic cloves and then cut them into quarters. Put the garlic in a jar and add half a liter of red wine.

Second, close the jar well and expose it to direct sunlight, beside the window for two weeks.  Shake the content well, every day.

After two weeks, filter the liquid from the jar and pour it in a dark glass bottle.

When to use:

Consume one tablespoon, three times a day, for a month and then repeat the procedure after six months.

Health Benefits of Garlic Juice

The garlic juice is a great remedy for prevention of many chronic diseases. It improves the cardiovascular health as well as it treats some types of bacterial infections.

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