What a Miracle Cure is This Simple Garlic Drink

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Do not know if it looks less strange than it was to somebody, but after seeing what the benefits of this garlic drink are, I decided to share this simple recipe with you. By the way, it is very easy to prepare. It will become part of your everyday life, for sure.

Many of you know about the benefits of garlic, but I just want to mention the overall benefits of this amazing garlic drink.

This garlic drink strengthens the immune system, has strong anti-inflammatory properties, purifies the blood and blood vessels, takes care of your heart health, prevents a number of heart diseases, eliminate the salt disposals out of your body and fight various bacteria, viruses and infections.

Furthermore, garlic drink is excellent as a treatment for bedwetting, stomachache, diarrhea, colic, sore throat, bronchitis, cough, arthritis, flatulence, and as a diuretic (for increasing urination).

Simply, there is no better and easy to prepare a drink, which will speed up your metabolism and eliminate excess fat from your body.

Simple Garlic Drink Recipe


12 garlic cloves.2 ½ tablespoons thyme leaves.17 oz. (1/2 liter) red wine.


Chop 12 garlic cloves into small pieces and place them in a jar.Add 17 oz. red wine.Add 2 ½ tablespoons of thyme leaves.Close the jar and place it near a window exposed to sunlight for two weeks.Shake the contents of the jar several times a day.After two weeks, strain the contents of the jar in a dark glass bottle and store it at room temperature.

How to use:

During the whole month, consume a teaspoon of this garlic drink, three times a day. Repeat the treatment twice a year.

Read more about the pros and cons of garlic Peace Fm.

I hope you will be satisfied with this simple garlic drink recipe. However, if you want to see more of these simple recipes, visit our Facebook Fan Page.

This recipe is a modified and adapted version of the recipe made ​​by Healthy Food House.

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