Why The Prevention of Hepatitis C is so Important?

Why The Prevention of Hepatitis C is so Important?
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Hepatitis C is an infection with a virus of hepatitis C. It causes liver swelling and impairs its function. Hepatitis C is caught through blood transfusion or already infected needles.

The virus already caught can silently spread in the liver causing chronic liver inflammation. That’s why many people carrying this virus don’t even know they do, because there aren’t any signs of a possible infection.

There are two kinds of hepatitis C: acute and chronic hepatitis. Acute hepatitis is when the liver inflammation is happening suddenly, and chronic hepatitis is when the inflammation is appearing many times.

Except through infected needles, hepatitis C can also be caught in direct contact with blood of an infected person. It can be transferred through sharing of razors, toothbrush and other personal hygiene items. This infection can cause severe liver disease, called cirrhosis and appearance of liver cancer.

It is believed that hepatitis C can’t be transferred through coughing, shaking hands, sneezing, kissing, touching or swimming in public pools.

Symptoms of Hepatitis C

There aren’t concrete symptoms of noticing for this infection. But still, there are some signs that can indicate its existing, such as:

Nausea;Fatigue;Losing weight;Joint pains;Liver pains;Anxiety;Fly-symptoms;Sweats;Loss hunger and etc…

Prevention of Hepatitis C

With this infection there aren’t home remedies for its treating. But, it can still be stopped if we live a healthy way of living, fine nutrition, exercising, routine controls for early discovering, avoiding large alcohol quantities etc.

You must especially care if you give or receive transfusion blood, because of the needle sterility. To avoid all possible complications, a vaccination of hepatitis A and B is required in order to avoid further problems.

Hepatitis C Alternative Treatments

Standard hepatitis C treatment is long way of curing the disease and the drugs can have side effects. However, you can treat hepatitis C in an alternative way with herbal remedies such as ginseng, milk thistle, thymus extract and licorice root and with therapies like relaxation techniques, massage and chiropractic care.

Because of decreased protein intake with vegetarian diet, overall liver function could be better.

Up to 40% of people with hepatitis C who have failed with medical treatment have tried alternative methods. Many of them report an immune system boost, better gastrointestinal function and less fatigue.


You can read some of the most popular hepatitis C alternative treatments and what the experts has to say about them here:

Complementary and Alternative Options for Hepatitis CTreating of hepatitis with natural and holistic methods


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