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Why You Should Practice Drinking Water from a Copper Cup?

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Drinking water that is kept in copper canisters was recommended even in the Ayurvedic scripts. Even this ancient system of Hindu traditional medicine has acknowledged the fact that copper comes with powerful anti-cancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties.

Copper is one of the minerals that are essential for the human body and many scientific studies have confirmed the advantages of using water stored in copper canisters.

One particular study that took place in 2012 has shown that storing polluted water in ordinary copper pots for about 16 hours at room temperature can drastically lower the presence of dangerous microbes. These findings made many researchers believe using copper is the best natural way to purify water and something that can be used in third-world countries in which there is a lack of drinking water.

In addition, another research confirmed that surfaces in hospitals made of NDTV (ICU) bacteria lead to different infections which ultimately leads to an amazing 40% reduction of cases of infection.

According to Sadhguru, a known Indian yogi, philanthropist, and mystic, water that is kept in a copper pot overnight or for four hours or more, gets some of the properties of copper which are in most cases good for the liver and for your energy and health in general too.

Ayurvedic texts suggest that water stored in this type of canister can successfully balance the 2 doshas that each of us has in our body – Kapha, pitta, and Vata. Dosha is an ancient Sanskrit word that literally means – the foundation of the body and mind. These three doshas can be found in every cell and organ in our body and they are crucial for our movement, fluidity, and metabolism.

Benefits of Drinking Water from a Copper Cup

What are the advantages of drinking water from a copper cup?

Copper is a mineral that acts as an excellent tonic for the lymph system, spleen, and liver;Having a cup of water from a copper canister at room temperature can cleanse the digestive system and the kidneys;Copper improves the work of the brain;It contributes to the regular maintenance of the digestive system and health in general;It helps the body to absorb the iron more efficiently;Stimulates the production of melatonin in our system;Slows down the aging process;Eases the pain caused by swollen joints (like arthritis);Keeps the thyroid gland safe;Eliminates traces of harmful bacteria in water;Speeds up the process of wound healing;It contributes to proper regulation of heart rate, blood pressure and reduces blood cholesterol levels and triglycerides levels.

The best way to feel the benefits of this water is to keep it in a copper canister/pot overnight and drink this water once you get out of bed or two or three times during the day. This should be enough for your system to feel these benefits we’ve mentioned before. Don’t store this water in the fridge. Use pasta made of tamarind and salt or fresh lemon in order to wash the canister/pot on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, modern people often prefer convenience over a healthy lifestyle. Using bottled water is one example of a product that is risky for both your health and the environment.

Of course, you should not overuse this practice. It is a good idea to perform extra research before practicing something that you’ve never practiced before.


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